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History of Fun Stuff (grades 5-6)

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Become an Expert in the History of Fun Stuff!

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Course Description

Did you know that ice cream was a part of the American way of life since the very beginning and even before the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Or that a kindergarten teacher was among the first to notice Charles Schultz’s drawing skill? That is cool history! With this teacher read-aloud course, students in 5th - 6th grade will learn and become experts on the origin of how yummy and entertaining things started. This 8 week series of books are full of engaging stories and quirky facts. Learning history has never been more fun! Students are not required to have a copy of the books, but if you want to have them and they want to follow along, the titles are all on Amazon and listed on the booking form. Class Opens for Booking on 8/28/2023 at 9:00am.

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