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Ethos Character Development Program 6-8

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Whats your Legacy? Join the Ethos Village and figure it out!

  • Started Feb 7
  • Online

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Course Description

Our Ethos Mentoring Program is an immersive 8-week experience hosted within the dynamic virtual platform, Ethos Village. Throughout this journey, your child will be provided with the tools, insights, and guidance necessary to create a comprehensive Legacy Plan that reflects the essence of who they are and chart a visionary path for their future. Key Components: 1. Identity Exploration: Identity exploration will discover the core elements that make your child unique. Through self-assessment, introspection, and guided activities, your child will gain a profound understanding of their identity, uncovering the roots of their aspirations and passions. 2. Purpose Unveiling: Purpose unveiling dives deep into the realm of purpose and unearths the driving force behind your child’s actions and aspirations. Ethos Leaders will help your child align their passions with a sense of purpose that will propel them forward. 3. Values Alignment: Value alignment identifies the values that resonate with your child’s being. Our program will guide students in understanding their personal values and how they shape their decisions and relationships. By aligning actions with their values, students will create a foundation for authentic leadership. 4. Vision & Goals Setting: Through guided exercises, students will set meaningful goals that are aligned with their identity, purpose, and values. Ethos Leaders will support students in breaking down these goals into actionable steps. Guided by Ethos Leaders: Our seasoned Ethos Leaders are committed to your child’s growth and success. Ethos leaders will serve as mentors, guiding mentees through crafting a Legacy Plan. With their expertise, your child will gain valuable insights, overcome obstacles, and receive personalized support as they navigate their journey. Culminating Presentation: At the end of the 8-week program, your child will have the opportunity to present their Legacy Plan to fellow Ethos students, peer leaders, and community partners. This platform provides a safe and empowering space for students to share their journey and aspirations, fostering a community that celebrates individual greatness and collective growth.

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